Don’t bin it      

       – Repair it!

The next Repair Hub is on 10th September between 10.00 and 12.00 at St Michaels Church, Martlesham Heath and second Saturday of each month from then. It is next to the Runway Cafe so you can get refreshments while you are there! The Woodbridge Eco Refill shop is also there for your household liquids (laundry, washing up, shower, hand soap etc). Bring along your empty bottles and not buy plastic bottles again! As part of the Terracycling scheme you can also deposit your old medicine packets, plastic toothbrushes, electric toothbrish heads and toothpast tubes and packaging.

We throw away loads of stuff that could easily be repaired. If it was repaired and re-used, that would reduce the volume of raw materials and energy needed to make new products.


If you have watched the very popular Repair Shop program on BBC, a Repair Cafe is sort of but not quite like that. In the TV show, you have professional specialists being paid to be there, and able to go back to their own facility to mend stuff. The owner of the item being repaired doesn’t get involved in the repair process.


In a Repair Cafe it is almost always volunteers giving of their time for free, working with the tools they have brought on the day together with the owner of the item. Apart from repairing the item, a major objective of the cafe is to show the owner of the item what goes on inside. Sometimes, though and by agreement an item will need to be taken away for repair.

As well as acquiring skills for the future, and saving valuable resources, you’ll find that mending things can be a lot of fun.

So the scheme is that you bring broken items from home and working together with the volunteer experts at the hub you repair them. If it can’t be repaired in the hub, there will be pointers as to who might locally be able to help. The items could be clothes or electrical or electronic goods, maybe bikes or crockery or toys. 


The house rules and legal stuff can be seen here.

The Repair Hub takes its cue from the Repair Cafe initiative. With more than 2000 repair cafes worldwide, and some 150 in the UK it is a growing initiative that has been adopted as a part of Martlesham Climate Action’s activities.

Please get in touch by email if you have skills to share and would like to help out as a volunteer, or if you have an item to repair.