NEW!! We have now added a carbon calculator spreadsheet for people wanting to estimate their carbon footprint. You need to have some knowledge of Excel to use it but it is a useful way to see where your large emissions are and enable you to think about strategies and actions to reduce them (as we all must if we are to leave a habitable planet for future generations). It is under the 'Documents' tab and also attached below.

Are you looking for simple, no-cost or low-cost steps to save energy and money at the same time as helping us reduce your carbon emissions?

Martlesham Climate Action (a Parish Council working group) are working with Groundwork East and the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership to help you lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. The best thing is, there are lots of things you can do for free! Our 'Advice Hub' at St Michaels church is now open every second Saturday of the month alongside our Repair Hub from 10.00 - 12.00. Pop in for advice or a chat on issues around climate change and how to do your bit to help slow down the climate changes we are all starting to experience. You can also take away advice sheets (attached below) provided by Groundwork East. If everyone starts to make changes, it will make a real difference. We also now have access to a FLIR Thermal Imaging camera so if you want us to pop round for a free look to see if you are losing heat where you shouldn't e-mail us (Note: this offer will restart in December when the outside temperature is cold enough to see differences in heat transfer with the camera) INSULATE YOURSELF FROM THE ENERGY PRICE RISES!! 

We have also produced a short document for residents who may be considering investing in a solar system (PV panels and maybe a battery). This is attached below and written by a resident (Phil Bull) who has his own system and along with other residents has built up a wealth of experience he is willing to pass on. Save at least 50% on your electricity bills and cut your carbon footprint by around 1 tonne of carbon per year! If you don't have the capital for such an investment there are 'Green Loans' available at:

Here are 12 things that you might consider to do your bit to slow global warming: 

1) Try not to waste food (apparently we waste 1/3 of food produced and bought in the UK). Consider getting a hot bin to compost any waste or veg peelings.

2) Consider getting a quote for Solar Panels from the East Suffolk Council ‘Solar Together’ scheme. You can save at least a tonne of carbon per year.

3) ‘On yer bike’ if you can. Resist ‘nipping to the local shops’ in your car. Get a bike trailer if you’ve got a lot of shopping!

4) Consider cutting down on the amount of red meat and dairy you eat, especially if it’s not locally sourced.

5) If you have a gas hob, get a cheap portable induction hob (£30 approx) and put it on an oven tray on top of the hob. Reducing gas consumption is key for the future.

6) If you can, consider cutting down or not flying at all.

7) Look at adding more insulation and drought-proofing to your house. It pays back your investment quickly and is an easy way of saving significant carbon. Ask Martlesham Climate Action to look at your house using our Infrared camera. Book a visit by requesting via e-mail at

8) Read up on the key scientific evidence about the causes of global warming. Then pledge to start to take some personal action to reduce your carbon footprint. If we all do this, it will make a BIG difference.

9) Consider going to a Refill shop for shower gel, laundry liquid etc so you don’t keep buying new plastic bottles.

10) Repair and Reuse stuff (‘make do and mend’ more). Try our monthly Repair Hub on the second Saturday of the month in St Michael’s Church if you need something mended.

11) If your gas or oil boiler needs replacing consider an air source heat pump. There are lots of misconceptions about their effectiveness so talk to residents who have one. The new government grant scheme available from April 2022 gives £5k towards the cost.

12) Chat to family and friends about the steps you are taking to reduce your carbon footprint. Educate and persuade by example. 

If you are a home owner, the first step you can take is make sure your home is fully insulated. The latest help from East Suffolk Council from February 2022 is as follows. They use Aran Services who are reputable and do all the council's work in this area. They are on 0800 587 7795 online at 

Warm Homes Suffolk Fund to help make cold homes warmer this winter 

Suffolk residents who are struggling to keep their homes warm, can contact a new project which offers funding and free advice at 

Suffolk’s councils have joined together to establish Warm Homes Suffolk, which launched in late January 2022. The team are on hand to offer expert advice on reducing energy bills, energy usage and identify benefits that residents may be entitled to, to help keep their homes warm. 

The work of Warm Homes Suffolk will also help the county towards its target of Net Zero by 2030, as the project aims to better insulate homes and provide more efficient heating, meaning less carbon is released into the atmosphere. 

A successful bid was made to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for £2.7m of funding to run Warm Homes Suffolk – The Warm Feeling Fund. This is part of the Government’s (Local Authority Delivery phase two) LAD2 Scheme, designed to improve the energy efficiency of Britain’s homes. 

For eligible residents, the scheme can offer a range of home upgrades, including cavity, loft and external insulation, installation of solar photovoltaic systems and switching central heating to more efficient low carbon heat pumps. 

The scheme is available to homeowners, those renting, and landlords. There are some conditions to meet before being able to access funding, which is aimed at residents who are: 

  • • earning under £30,000 per annum 
  • • and/or currently receiving benefits (or think you may be eligible) 
  • living in homes with a low energy rating 

Further information can be found on the Warm Homes Suffolk website or by calling 03456 037 686. Lines are open Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm. If you know someone who might benefit from this scheme please share this information with them. 

Need help clearing the loft to be insulated? 

If the loft needs clearing before insulated, help is available from Lofty Heights CIC who provide a service. They can be contacted to arrange for an estimate, on 01473 245301 or visit their website for more information:

As described above, Advice Hub also has advice sheets for no cost and low cost ways of reducing your carbon footprint and if you are considering investing in technology like solar panels, insulation, batteries and heat pumps that can all significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your home. Latest advice on solar panels and battery systems is also available below ('PV System Considerations'). If you have a question that we can't answer then you can contact Groundwork’s Energy Advisors (details below) who can provide further information and support. Their advice sheets can also be found below or at You can also look at documents detailing real world experiences of Martlesham residents who have already invested in some of this technology under the 'Documents' tab on this website.

Further help and advice is available from Sarah, Energy Advisor at Groundwork East. She has a number of years’ experience delivering energy advice to people. Contact Sarah on 07720 098980 or